Send Toner / Laser Cartridges

Laser cartridges are normally a foot long and used in office printers and photocopiers and use a toner powder.

If we can reuse your empty / used toner cartridges for Farnham & Wey Valley Cats Protection, we'll offer a free collection and can offer free cardboard boxes for storage and transport.

If you have any full or unused cartridges, please use our full cartridge service instead.

If you have ink cartridges (smaller than a clenched fist, and used in home printers), please see our ink recycling service for these first instead.

Qualifying for a Free Collection

To arrange a free collection you need:

at least 10 toner cartridges on our   Current Recycling List
these 10 must be originals — made by the printer's original manufacturer, and not recycled, remanufactured or 'compatible' versions from another company

When you meet these criteria, we can also:

collect any other cartridges at the same time (e.g. compatible or unlisted cartridges)
offer free collection boxes to store and transport them
however, you must not send any toner 'bottles' or 'kits'
do not send any unused cartridges — use our unused cartridge service instead

Need help identifying your items? Please make your best effort with the list and fill in the form below.

I Have or Will Reach 10+ Listed Items

Please enter your details so we can call you to help you identify your cartridges, confirm your details, organise you a collection if you already have 10 items for pickup, and offer free boxes if you need them for storage or transport.

I Have Some Listed Items, but Won't Reach 10

If you only have a couple and are unlikely to reach 10, we can't offer a collection, but a few of the original cartridges on the list that can be sent to us one at a time in the post using a Freepost address.

Please get in touch with the model numbers and manufacturers of your cartridges and we'll advise if this is possible for yours.

None of My Cartridges are Listed

If none of the used cartridges you have or use are listed, or you only use compatible toners, then I'm afraid we can't reuse your cartridges. Please instead visit to find alternative recycling destinations for these.

For example, most manufacturers have free recycling schemes for their cartridges, and there are plenty of options for local dropoffs that you can find links to on that page.


What Are Originals and Compatibles?

Originals — made by your printer's manufacturer and display their logo on the cartridge, and have not been refilled or recycled.

Compatibles — made by a different brand or company. They may be copied versions of the original cartridges, or empty originals that have been refilled or recycled. They are also called 'remanufactured' or 'non-virgin' cartridges.

Can You Send Me Some Boxes?

If you are likely to reach the requirements for a free collection, we can offer you free boxes to store the cartridges in. Just fill in the 'Organise a Collection' form to sort this out.

Can I Send Unused Cartridges Too?

Please don't send full or unused cartridges using this service, as we handle those at a separate warehouse. Please visit the unused cartridge recycling page instead.

Is There Anything I Can't Send?

You must not include any toner 'bottles', toner 'kits', or ribbon cartridges.

Toner bottles are normally simple plastic shells that contain toner powder, and have no moving parts. Here are some examples of toner bottles:

Picture of miscellaneous types of toner bottles

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